Manicures, Pedicures & Nails

Nail Enhancements
Gel - Bio Sculpture
Bio Sculpture Nail Overlays with Nail Art (No Soak) £36.00
Bio Sculpture Toe Overlays £29.00
Soak Off Previous Gel £3.50
Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Extensions £45.00
Bio Sculpture Nail Repairs (Per Nail) £4.00

Gel - Jessica Geleration
Geleration Gel Overlays £27.00
Geleration Gel Toes £27.00
Soak Off Previous Gel £3.50

Removals & Nail Art
Gel/Acrylic Removal & Nail Tidy £20.00
Gel/Acrylic Removal £15.00

Jessica Hands
Jessica File & Polish £14.00
Leremedi Hand Treatment £15.00
Jessica Express Manicure £22.00
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure £28.00
Jessica Deluxe Prescriptive Manicure £32.00
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure Deluxe With Thermal Mittens £35.00
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure With Paraffin Wax £38.00
Add Geleration To Your Manicure £10.00
Jessica Feet
Jessica Express Pedicure £22.00
Zenspa Pedicure £30.00
Zenspa Deluxe Perscriptive Pedicure £34.00
Zenspa Deluxe Pedicure With Paraffin Wax £35.00
Add Geleration To Your Manicure £10.00